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Grass-Fed Protein Bars with Omega-3s

14g protein
300mg omega-3s per serving
Grass-fed whey
Gluten Free
Flavor Profile – Chocolate Mint Crisp

There is no getting around it, the Oatmega® Chocolate Mint Crisp bars taste a lot like those chocolate mint cookies that come in a box, only without the guilt! Rich, decadent chocolate chips and cool peppermint will make you forget that you are eating a bar packed with grass-fed whey protein, minerals, and omega-3s.

Oatmega bars have been carefully formulated to use only high-quality ingredients like whey from grass-fed cows, gluten-free oats, and even responsibly-caught deep ocean fish oil.

Fish oil contains the omega-3s, DHA and EPA. Omega-3s supplementation is essential to a healthy diet because the body does not produce them naturally. Each protein bar provides you with 300mg of omega-3s.

Oatmega® uses a proprietary process to ensure the taste of fish oil is virtually non-existent.

Oatmega® bars only use whey protein from grass-fed cows that are pasture-raised. The cows are hormone-free and they’re never fed soy.

Plus, Oatmega® bars are gluten-free and contain no GMOs.

Oatmega® started with a man on a mission to create bars with high-quality protein and good fats. They’re passionate about what they do. Each formula is lovingly poured over until just the right flavor is achieved.

Oatmega’s business model is simple: Heart first. Business second. Nutrition Shared.

You can often see Oatmega bars donated at local food banks throughout Austin where the bars are made.

$1.99 each

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