Do your body a favor and add Rep Floss Bands to your gym bag for improved mobility, improved blood supply and the healing of injured tissue. By tightly wrapping the muscle and working the joint through a full range of motion for about 2 minutes, floss bands can break up junk in areas that foam rollers and lacrosse balls cannot reach. Upon removing the band, blood flows back to the targeted muscles, thus clearing out the area and bringing essential nutrients for healing.

Ideal for shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, knees, hamstrings, calves, ankles, and feet.

Available as single units, or buy a pair and save money! Use two bands simultaneously or get your gym buddy a gift that keeps on giving.


7′ Length
2″ Width
Red Band: .06″ Thickness
Black Band: .05″ Thickness

I use and strongly endorse REP FITNESS

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