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Choose your duration, difficulty, and more. Follow to the perfect workout just for you, and get moving immediately.

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Achieve a healthy lifestyle, flexibility, and balance. Our thoughtfully-programmed plans provide the guidance you need to make lasting change.

World-Class trainers and coaches

Who you choose to help you in achieving your goals is as a personal decision as to your goals themselves.

New Releases Weekly

Never get bored with your training. We release new workouts every week so you can continue to progress.

Available on all your devices


You can watch your purchased workouts on nearly any device:

Desktop or laptop computer by heading to our website
iPhone and Android phone
iPad and Android tablet
any device with internet access

Additionally, you can watch your workouts on your TV by:

Linking your iPhone phone or Mac computer using Airplay (your Apple TV must be at least 2nd generation)
Casting your computer-run Chrome browser using Chromecast
Using an HDMI cord to connect a computer or laptop to your TV

If I cancel my membership, do I still have access to my a la carte purchases?

Most definitely! We stand by our old model of “buy it once, keep it forever,” before Membership was introduced. This means that if you ever sign up for a Membership and cancel, or choose not to sign up for a Membership, you will always have access to your previous, a la carte purchases.

To access your a la carte purchases, click on “Log in” in the top right corner of our webpage after logging in your account you will see all the programs you have purchased.

Can I purchase individual programs without becoming a member?

Yes, you can choose to buy any program from one of our trainers and have access to that program for life.

Q: Does my membership include access to FWUEL personal trainers or the specialty programs?

A: No, your membership includes access to over 2500 workouts in library of workouts.

The trainers and athletes on FWUEL.com are independent business owners and may use different methods for working with you. Fwuel.com does not monitor, regulate, or control the communication, financial agreements, nor do we earn a percentage from you working directly with any of the fitness prtoffesionals found on FWUEL.COM.